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We have lost the Berlin Theatre and are on sabbatical. We hope to resume our season in 2012.
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The Theatre NXS Mission

The mission of Theatre NXS is to produce works of artistic and social significance with professional expertise and creative passion, to develop an audience to support such work, to discover and develop local talent, and to establish a professional theater in Columbia, MO.

The implications of the sound of the name, "Theatre In Excess," are intentional. Theatre NXS brings a challenging, inclusive new voice to Columbia theater. It embraces music and dance as well as theater. Theatre NXS has hosted plays, bands, dance companies, variety shows, comics, business meetings, private parties, classes, meetings, recitals, raconteurs, burlesque, gender illusionists - pretty much anything you can think of Theatre NXS has hosted.

Theatre NXS seeks to draw audience members into their own experience of theater, one that will be entertaining and rewarding.

Addison Myer & Aaron Krawitz in Memoirs

A Look at Our Most Recent Show

Opens November 4

Theatre NXS Presents
Memoirs, a new play by Don Nigro
Featuring Aaron Krawitz and Addison Myers

In 1884, Ulysses S. Grant had been caught in a fraudulent investment scheme and had lost all of his money. He had also just been diagnosed with throat cancer, and was confronted with the possibility of dying soon and leaving his family poverty-stricken and in debt. Mark Twain, his close friend at the time, convinced him to write his memoirs. Twain, subsequently horrified at the onerous terms of a publisher's contract, convinced Grant to let him do the publishing. In one of the most remarkable feats of writing ever, Grant raced with the Grim Reaper to complete his Memoirs, winning the race by five days.

Don Nigro takes us through four critical moments in this process. With his keen eye both to historical accuracy and to the depth of human experience, he makes these two American icons human. With great humor and insight, they confront life, death, the creative process, and what it means to be human. Theatre NXS is privileged to be able to present the world premiere of another of Don's plays that will surely take its place in the cannon of great American drama. Produced through special arrangement with Don Nigro.

Pictured at right are Addison Myers and Aaron Krawitz in Don Nigro's Memoirs. Another world premiere of another fantastic Don Nigro play.

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